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Family Office Accounting and Investment Management Software

The company is transforming how digital assets are stored and traded by providing reliable, secure and scalable solutions for qualified institutional clients. QPLIX offers an all in one solution, readily available, consolidating all asset classes, complex owner structures, to enhance high quality investment decisions. Venn helps RIAs, advisors, asset owners and asset managers embrace a quantitative approach to multi-asset portfolio risk and investment decision-making.

Systems that facilitate the look-through to the position level offer unparalleled investment analytics and also enable risk management capabilities. It’s not surprising that family offices, with the enormous means at their disposal, are after solutions made exclusively for them. 70% of service providers stated their clients want individually tailored solutions, demanding solutions that fit their needs precisely rather than making do with off-the-shelf offerings. Our solution to the challenges family offices face is our integrated platform, AtlasFive®. Being able to integrate your accounting with other tools like investment bill payments and payroll, investment management reporting, and expense management, can significantly minimise manual workload and save time.

Also common — and the likely form for your accounting firm — is what is known as the multifamily office. The MFO is basically a professional services firm that delivers family office services for more than one family. The origin of the multifamily office comes from traditional family offices where the family decided to use their team to help others for a fee. But beyond a traditional family office that decides to serve others, many for-profit enterprises have flourished in the multifamily office model, including progressive law and CPA firms. Form and functionThe traditional family office may or may not actually manage the financial assets.

Family Office

Read on to find out more about what family office accounting systems are and how they can help your company grow. The right accounting software should let you generate various financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, budget reports, and expense reports. By leveraging the reporting feature, you can gain insights into your small business’s financial status and devise data-driven accounting plans. Manual bookkeeping and spreadsheets may fail to keep pace with your organization’s complex accounting processes. It automates key accounting workflows, including expense tracking, invoice management, and bank reconciliation.

  • Many family offices often turn to third-party service providers to handle their operations due to their complexities.
  • A family office is defined as a privately held company responsible for investment wealth management for a family.
  • Founded in 1982, Northern Trust’s GFO group has a focused commitment to families of significant wealth, their private foundations and the family offices that serve them.
  • Valuefy provides digital platform for family offices to do real time data aggregation , Investment analytics with powerful visualization and Performance Attribution.

The software is built with the latest tech allowing fast and real-time analysis, including quick and pain-free onboarding. A family office is defined as a privately held company responsible for investment wealth management for a family. In some cases, the office could handle assets for multiple families, but they typically have an ultra-high net worth, which means their assets are well over $100 million. ZarMoney is worth considering for finance and accounting teams that want to automate expense tracking and management. The software offers the flexibility to define unique expense entry fields and tag transactions to specific expense categories.

STP Invesment Services

Fund administration systems are generally offered in conjunction with managed services spanning from the middle office (fund operations, trade and marketing support) to the back office (accounting and taxes). The purpose of a family office is to organize and centralize the management of a family’s personal and business financial affairs, and to maintain the financial house in as good an order as that of a well-run public company. The origin of the family office concept came from extremely wealthy families, with net worths in today’s dollars well in excess of $100 million.

Family office software

As an independent reporting advisor, Mirador delives state-of-the-art consolidated financial reporting with data you can trust as a strong basis for your financial decisions. The company offers royalty assets from all forms of intellectual property and all investment sizes. Intuitive, digital investment admin that tracks data from all private investments in a single platform. We’ve designed a multifaceted data security program that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data managed on our platform. Streamline your family office’s bill payment and expense management functions using built-in check writing, ACH and wire payment methods, comprehensive expense reporting and sophisticated bill payment approval structures. Tailor a custom multi-currency chart of accounts across entities that aligns with your internal family office operations and reporting.

Sage allows you to use all of your existing and new systems in one place so that you can keep everything in sync. For example, you can pair your family office accounting software with detailed expense management or payroll tools. We know that adopting new technology isn’t easy, but there are many reasons to consider updating your business practices with family office accounting software. There are currently several different solutions on the market, but few have the reputation that Sage brings to the table.


A bespoke solutions provider like Centtrip shows the value that a downstream provider can offer here, through intuitive integration into existing accounting packages. Built on best-of-breed technology, it can be tailored for individual businesses and is continuously evolving to keep up with future demands. Developed out of Luxembourg, IQ-EQ Cosmos provides an end-to-end portfolio monitoring solution for institutional and private wealth investors focussed on alternative and luxury assets. Systems, data feeds, and open source feeds to create bespoke dashboard for families needs. Denmark-based Hemonto, delivers state-of-the-art consolidated financial reporting through their platform and their permanent team of experts.

Integrated Solutions that Enhance Workflows

Murali Nadarajah, CIO at Eton Solutions, co-authored this article with AtlasFive AI-tool EtonGPT. EtonGPT is the first family office large language model that has been fine-tuned with family office best practices. Options for locally deployed family office servers, or private cloud infrastructure, or ‘safes’ for multi-offices. IPaladin’s Digital Family Office is a blockchain platform to orchestrate what is manufacturing overhead people, services, documents and activity, as one source of truth, for the modern family office. Quantfolio Asset Management is a technology driven challenger to the traditional asset management industry. Miles Software, now an integral part of EbixCash was founded in 1999 with a vision to be a techno-business partner delivering excellence and value to financial services globally.

The Altoo Wealth Platform provides simplicity and control to wealthy private individuals and family offices, by aggregating and monitoring wealth data in an intuitive way. Landytech is a financial technology company empowering family offices to make informed investment decisions. Trustworthy partners with wealth and family offices to provide a digital vault to secure their clients’ most sensitive information. Capitalize on every opportunity with our family office investment management software built to help investor relations professionals maximize their relationships.

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