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SOLERGY is a name synonymous with Solar Energy Technology. We believe in building a better world based on abundantly available solar power.

We offer low cost solar power solutions with high efficiency yields in both urban and rural areas. From industrial to residential, from healthcare to education…SOLERGY provides customized solutions of the highest quality standards. A seamless transition from conventional sources of energy to solar power, from initial consultation to permits and paperwork, our company does it all for you.

Our strength lies in our technical expertise and infrastructure base. Our capability lies in setting solar power plants of any required scale in any given location. Our pride lies in delivering hassle free installations and cost effective solutions to our customers. We aim to provide functional and aesthetically appealing solar energy solutions to meet our client’s needs, thus eliminating electricity bills for 25 years. 


Why Solar Energy?

Energy Cost Savings

Reliable and Maintenance- Free Energy

A Sustainable Future

Attracts Tax Benefits



Solergy redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!

Project Assessment

Calculating the system capacity required and Analysing the available area

Project Planning and Material Procurement

Preparing detailed drawings and Delivering the equipments on site

Installation and Commissioning

Deploying monitoring system and Conducting test run

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